Restorative Yoga
Relax, Renew and Meditate Workshop!

Treat yourself in 2 hours with a delicious restorative yoga that will take you to a deep relaxation to heal body and mind. Meditate to increase your focus and clarity.

Restorative yoga uses props such as bolster, blanket, block to support your body.

Benefits :
Release tension, anxiety
Relieves stress
Help improve sleep
Improve immune system
Balance nervous system

All level are welcome!
Space is limited

Class hold on December 16th, 17th, and 18th from 1-3 pm
Please register to Linda.

療癒瑜珈研習營 伸展。修復。放鬆。靜心(冥想)

Oy 老師透過坐、躺姿體位與輔具磚塊的幫助練習,引領同學深沉的延展肌肉放鬆身體,練習在呼吸吐納之間找到身心靈的平衡連結。兩個小時透過身體的修復練習,可以幫助我們釋放日常生活的緊繃壓力,調節我們的焦躁不安,更可以幫助改善睡眠,以及提高免疫神經系統,來達到心靈的協調寧靜。
歡迎您前來體驗如何修復我們的身體。 12月16,17,18 下午1-3 pm .$40. 名額有限,請向Linda 報名img_2197


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