We’re Back!

New Space, New Vibes.

We are back! After one year self-isolation, we miss those time to have interaction with you and see those lovely smile on your face. Everything was forced to move into online in 2020 and divided into different spaces. Now it’s the time to reconnect and enjoy the experience to practice together in the same time and space.

Please contact to sign up for the classes. We’re looking forward to see you in the studio soon.

Muse4Yoga 我們回來了!經歷一年多的居家隔離與重整之後,我們很懷念與你們互動與看見你們臉上笑容的時光。去年一整年我們都被迫在各自己空間線上練習居多,現在我們搬到新的空間、全新的環境,是時候重新建立起聯繫並享受在同一個時間空間一起練習的體驗了!


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