Sound Healing Workshop

Sound Healing Workshop: Singing Bowl & relaxation

This workshop can help:

  • deep relaxation for the muscle and mind
  • better sleeping quality
  • help release chronic pain
  • clarity for your inner mind for better self understanding

This workshop is suitable for people who:

  • have busy schedule daily
  • feeling the toll of stress on the body
  • interested in spiritual practice
  • simply enjoy sound bath

* No prior yoga experience is required

When was the last time you slow down you pace, take a pause to forget all the stress, relax your body and mind totally. Come immense yourself for two hours of healing sound from the singing bowls and voice work. There will also be some easy movement exercise, breath-work and restorative poses to help entering the restful state. And when the water in our body resonates with the frequency of the singing bowl, it enable us to feel what is needed to be healed inside ourself, bodily, emotionally and mentally.

Maggie has over nine years of experience in Singing bowls and voice work and has held sound healing workshop internationally. Maggie also hold RYT200 hours, and previously taught vinyasa yoga, aerial yoga, restorative yoga and yoga nidra in NY. She is also a Family Constellation facilitator, an experience based therapy to connect our strength to our family origin.



  • 改善睡眠失眠
  • 深層放鬆肌肉
  • 舒緩長期痛症
  • 放鬆頭腦
  • 清晰自己內在自己的聲音


  • 每天面對緊張繁忙生活時間表的人士
  • 後疫情生活下適應了長期壓力沒方法舒展
  • 想要開發內在靈性修習

後疫情時期,我們每天的生活都在面對不斷的變幻中。有多久沒有好好一個人安靜下來,好好放鬆自己的身體與心靈。這兩小時讓自己的身體享受頌缽與人聲吟唱的音頻, 讓身體好好放鬆。 身體裡面的水份與骨骼能與頌缽的波頻去共振,讓自己看到需要被照顧的部份,可能是身體層面的,也可以是也心靈上的。通過深層的放鬆,好好照見自己。工作坊裡我們也會做簡短的身體練習,呼吸法,療癒瑜伽的式子,冥想,然後然讓身體躺下完全放鬆休息,像在做spa一樣。此工作坊無需任何瑜伽經驗。

* 參加此工作坊無需擁有瑜伽的經驗。

Maggie 美琪十年前開始接觸頌缽,聲療與吟唱。曾經在各地舉辦工作坊分享聲音療癒。 Maggie 同時也是一位家族系統排列師。

Sign up link / 報名連結:

COVID-19 studio policy updated

When you first time visit our studio to take the class, please prove to us you are vaccinated or we will ask you to wear the mask to take the class. For those who are vaccinated, you can decide if you want to keep mask on or not. And we will follow the government policy if they announce any news updated.


Find us on the MINDBODY app!

Now you can find “Muse 4 Yoga NY” on the MINDBODY App and you can check all the class schedule and time on it. We are currently working on the online-pay system and hopefully it will be online soon. If you would like to take a class, please text 917-518-7828 to book your spot.
Hopefully see you in the studio soon.

現在開始你們也能從MINDBODY 平台上找到「Muse 4 Yoga NY」,每週課表內容都在上面。目前正在與平台接洽線上富坤的部份,希望能盡快上線提供大家更輕鬆方便的付款訂課模式。

Schedule Updated

We have updated our class schedule to have more basic yoga classes, welcome everyone to join the practice together. No matter you are totally new to yoga or you have rested for a long period time from practicing. We encourage you invite your friend to practice together, so the minimum number to have the class is two.


We’re Back!

New Space, New Vibes.

We are back! After one year self-isolation, we miss those time to have interaction with you and see those lovely smile on your face. Everything was forced to move into online in 2020 and divided into different spaces. Now it’s the time to reconnect and enjoy the experience to practice together in the same time and space.

Please contact to sign up for the classes. We’re looking forward to see you in the studio soon.

Muse4Yoga 我們回來了!經歷一年多的居家隔離與重整之後,我們很懷念與你們互動與看見你們臉上笑容的時光。去年一整年我們都被迫在各自己空間線上練習居多,現在我們搬到新的空間、全新的環境,是時候重新建立起聯繫並享受在同一個時間空間一起練習的體驗了!